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Verocan is a continent on Vuran. The life on Vuran started here - exactly in Glive. That´s the reason, why the most cities and towns are on this continent!

Country City/Town Names City/Town Population
Algas Algas Capital Midas
Alwan Alwan Capital Malviur
Nal Town Malviur
Southern Alwan Town Malviur
Anteleon Anteleon Capital Midas
Baledon City Midas
Bangrean Bangrean Capital Midas
Brytu Bry City Midas
Rybutu Capital Midas
Tru Town Midas
Capart Acton City Midas
Calenos Town Midas
Capart Capital Midas
Colon Colon Capital Midas
Cre Névra Cre Névra Capital Midas
Creldur Borgrath Town Raral
Creldur Capital Raral
Cural Town Raral
Gredar City Raral
Thuz City Raral
Vamiz Town Raral
Cur Úbre Cur Brerebru Town Malviur
Cur Úbre Capital Malviur
Dra-Nindrul Dra Nandru Town Malviur
Dra Nindrul Capital Malviur
Drul Andra Town Malviur
Drol Drol Capital Midas
Pere Drol City Midas
Ron Town Midas
Gan Gan Capital Midas
Glive Glive Capital Midas
East Fortress of Glive City Midas
Lake Village of Glive Town Midas
South Glive City Midas
Central Glive City Midas
Gopu Cival Town Midas
Gopu Capital Midas
Goro Goro Capital Midas
Grok Grok Capital Midas
Ides Ceptei Capital Midas
Scyra City Midas
Irsor Irsor Capital Midas
Juma Juma Capital Midas
Latea Town Midas
New Juma Town Midas
Manir Northern Manir Capital Midas
Southern Manir City Midas
Morus Temple City Of Morus Capital Midas
Narela Narela Capital Midas
Nebuliá Arit City Midas
Aedis Capital Malviur
Myris Town Midas
Rand Town Midas
Thern City Midas
Neu-Alwan Pal Alwan Capital Midas
North Seciol Crobia Town Midas
Northern Seciol Capital Midas
Optie City Midas
Tratal City Midas
Old Them Old Them Capital Midas
Orogan Orogan Capital Midas
Phegal Phegal Capital Midas
Raccus Airn Town Malviur
Celus Town Malviur
Drus Town Malviur
Rac Num Town Malviur
Rac Unvuth Capital Malviur
Rac Vi Town Malviur
Rac Vum City Malviur
Uka Town Malviur
Weas Tul Town Malviur
Rákador Rákador Capital Midas
Raz Raz Capital Midas
Rekásian Rekásian Capital Midas
Renjai Jai City Midas
Ren Capital Midas
Rúl Acan Town Midas
Asari Town Midas
Dard City Midas
Manaroa City Midas
Midor Town Midas
Minirea City Midas
East-Vanoa Town Midas
Vanoa Capital Midas
Rúr Rúr Capital Midas
Saerus Nirma Capital Midas
Yal Town Midas
Seciol Atha Town Midas
Giolm Town Midas
Gron City Midas
Lear City Midas
Ost Gron Town Midas
Ril City Midas
Seciol Capital Midas
Sonor City Midas
Trea Town Midas
Tor Town Midas
Vrine City Midas
Them Them Capital Midas
Therthron Eron Town Midas
Nort Town Midas
Therthron Capital Midas
Threon City Midas
Thel Thel Capital Midas
Thosan Carva Thul Capital Malviur
Ephal Town Malviur
Vama Town Malviur
Tiva Island Town Of Tiva Town Midas
Tiva Capital Midas
Tivanian Forest Town Town Midas
Tul Tul Capital Midas
Urgatur Urgatur Capital Bezod
Vala Vala Capital Midas
Venja Jenva City Midas
Venja Capital Midas
West Seciol Crold Town Malviur
Gon Town Malviur
Jemril Town Malviur
Orau Town Malviur
Rerd Town Malviur
Ukeva Town Malviur
Vogia Town Malviur
West Seciol Capital Malviur


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