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Velipea is a continent on Vuran.

Country City/Town Names City/Town Population
Algant Algant Capital Varos
Crix Town Bezod
Diotol City Bezod
June City Varos
Lios City Varos
Nugra Town Bezod
Runn City Bezod
Shakh Town Bezod
Clisius Clisius Capital Varos
Nugra Town Bezod
Rik City Bezod
Sius City Varos
Cuvár Cuvár Capital Bezod
Flindor Flindor Capital Varos
Gimdor Gimdor Capital Varos
Rion Rion Capital Varos
Fishing Village Of Rion Town Bezod
Tetor Tetor Capital Varos
West Varos Varos Capital Varos
Cartha Lat City Bezod
Dath City Bezod
Dun Nuid Town Bezod
Em Siun Town Bezod
Lanor Town Varos
Orna Town Varos
Riog City Bezod
Riunal City Bezod
Roim City Varos
Tis Town Varos
Trar City Varos
West Trar City Varos


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