Astellan and his planets

Astellan Central star in this Fantasy Universe and birthplace of Vuras. His equatorial radius is 1.274.305,86km. The age is ~ 15,5575 Blln. Vuranic years (~ 8,0432 Blln. years on earth)

Adriel Inner planet and can be seen, shortly after sunset, very well in the night sky.

Vuran/Na-Oru Second planet. A day on Vuran/Na-Oru lasts 22 hours and 48 minutes, a year has 706 earth days. It has 2 moons:

Entus, first moon. Its surface is covered with red dust and sand.
Vesin, second moon. Escaping gases from his extinct volcanoes make him shine blue.

Saran Third planet, gas planet. On some summer nights it can be seen easily on the horizon from Vuran.

Hadra Fourth planet, rock planet. It has 7 moons:

  1. Ivo
  2. Hadys
  3. Xon
  4. Rinios
  5. Dedus
  6. Eney
  7. Parea

Fontaney Fifth planet, gas giant. It has 4 moons:

  1. Meney
  2. Adri
  3. Rax
  4. Nor

Adranelle Sixth planet, gas giant.

Nabrixera Seventh planet, rock planet. It has 1 moon:

  1. Ririal


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