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Nantha is a continent on Vuran.

North Nantha

Country City/Town Names City/Town Population
East Varos East Varos Capital Varos
Galor Galor Capital Varos
Cenod Town Varos
Tordoi Town Varos
Rebos West Rebos Capital Raral
Deneud Town Raral
Ghi Ur Town Raral
Hil City Raral
Rard City Raral
Rebos City Raral
Rebos Ru Town Raral
Sor Sor Noim Capital Midas
Barnin City Midas
Ghimas Town Midas
Rim City Midas
Thul Thul Capital Malviur
Varos Gul Varos Gul Capital Malviur


Country City/Town Names City/Town Population
Andos Andos Capital Roas
Bronus Bronus Capital Roas
Clamir Clamir Capital Roas
Glubor Glubor Capital Raral
Bor Town Raral
Hardud City Raral
Jonir Jonir Capital Roas
Deat Nir City Raral
Tanoir City Raral
Navir Navir Capital Raral
Roas Roas Capital Roas
Dhangil Town Raral
Laroa City Raral
Sirvir Neda Capital Roas
Sovir Sovir Capital Roas
Ulrus Ulrus Capital Raral
Eordeon Town Raral
Eorul City Raral
Ungetul Town Raral
Yexu Yexu Capital Xul
Yexu Ma City Xul
Zedrus Zedrus Capital Roas


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