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The Manar

The Manar emerged from the remains of Vuras, the creator of the world. They have different skills and powers like creating living beings or the power over other things like time or darkness for example. The Manar can change their appearance at any time.

They are only mortal if they are killed. The one who kills a Manar gains its power or ability. If a Manar is killed by a living being that is not a Manar, nothing happens. Only the Manar that touches the deceased body of an other Manar receives his power.

Vuran scholars consider Vuras also as the king of the world and consider the Manar as his children and thus as princes or princesses.

All Manar:

  • Cyra, female ruler of the time
  • Fivuna, female ruler of the winds
  • Imera, female creator of the Midas, Roas, Varos and Xul
  • Ioneta, female ruler of the waters and creator of aquatile creatures
  • Neda, creator of plants and trees
  • Santhea, female creator of animals
  • Torn, ruler of darkness; creator of the Bezod, Malviur and Raral; creator of some creatures
  • Valan, ruler of magic powers
  • Vezyn, ruler of fire


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